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Commercial Projects

Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited

Barachiel Golden City lays out complete luxury, safety, opportunity and quality livings. To endure the same "whole new level of environment" in the Delhi NCR, Barachiel Golden City brings to you the essence of and for the North East. Mega structured, various commercial projects are included in the City to have a world class complete platform.

The major commercial projects inside the Mega City are highlighted below:

1. SHOPPING MALLS AND COMMERCIAL HUB: A place of world class shopping experience and various other commercial activities, a Global business hub to organise, promote all trade of business enterprises.

2. TOWER - WORLD TRADE CENTRE: A place as World Business Hub and tourist centre is one of the tallest tower in the World where Global representatives gather for promotion of business globally.

3.CINEMA & THEATRE: A place where cinema and the performing arts can come to life to create an unforgettable entertainment experience for you.

4. PREMIUM HOSPITAL: A multi-specialty, 7 star Hospital with advance technology is in the heart of the city to provide complete health care. The Hospital also has a helipad for emergency Air Ambulances and other chopper services.

5. BARACHIEL CITY STADIUM is a colossal stadium in which the infrastructure to play multiple games and organise high scale events is installed.

6. INTERNATIONAL TOURIST RESORT: The city opens its arms to tourists and provides hospitality at the tourist resort with a lakeside view. This will surely attract and serve international business representatives and other tourists as well.

7. CITY HELIPAD / AIRFIELD: Barachiel Golden City has a helipad to provide Chopper / Helicopter services as well as to be a common port in the City.

8. WORLD PREMIUM HOTEL: Seven start luxury Hotel is just at the heart of the Global gathering zone.

9. BARACHIEL CITY 'SCIENCE-PARK' is an educative and entertaining initiative which conveys the scientific history in an intriguing fashion.

10. BARACHIEL CULTURAL CENTRE: The City boasts of its cultural centre which has facilities and equipment for conducting various indoor and outdoor exhibitions at a large open ground which is also fenced with strong walls for safety.

11. The LUXURIOUS MONORAIL service is a timely, dependable and convenient mode of transport to and within the city. Twenty Monorail stations are provided for easier access from every angle of the city. DELHI-BARACHIEL MONORAIL STATION is the connecting station to Delhi Metro.

12. BARACHIEL–DELHI-BARACHIEL EXPRESSWAY is a quick and easy solution to resolve connectivity issues. BARACHIEL–DELHI-BARACHIEL (BDB) expressway has a toll booth near the City gate. BDB expressway road is the road directly connects from Barachiel city to Delhi within 5-10 minutes of drive.

13. BLUE MAGIC LAKE: The soul and centre of attraction of the city is the beautiful, calming and elegantly star-shaped 'Blue Magic Lake'. Blue Magic Lake has a central square surrounded by beautiful four corner bridges and water spring. Four raw of Water parks inside the lake is the symbol of shining-stars in the City. MOTOR BOATS are in the lake for side seeing and also for tourist attraction.

14. INDUSTRIAL ZONE: The Industrial zone of the Barachiel City will have numbers of production units for international markets and will generate maximum employment opportunities in the city.

15. POWER PRODUCTION ZONE: of the city has self-sufficient power generation plan and it can operate throughout the year. Clean and green renewable resources such as wind mills and solar power technology support the necessary consumption required while other forms are for standby options.

We cordially invite you to join and welcome you to the dreamland of prosperity and peace of celebration of joy and vast scope of opportunities. We also hope to continue to raise our country's name and make our country proud by contributing towards achieving and achievements.

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