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Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited

The places in North East of India are divinely beautiful, the culture is so diverse and different from the rest of India that it'll never cease to amaze, educate and excite you. The region has been the rendezvous point for many faiths, hopes, communities and cultures. It is an eminent place for its bewildering diversity, exceptional beauty and home for various separate communities with wide range of languages.

On the other side, people from North East who has migrated or temporarily residing in various Metro Cities of India, especially in Delhi NCR have been facing repeated harsh instances of discrimination and unfair treatment because of cultural differences.

On this context, many years ago, the Founder and supreme promoter of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" has begun to think about the necessity of having a separate, independent City to be established exclusively for North Eastern people within Delhi NCR in order to protect them and provide the best living quality with sufficient jobs and other facilities while restoring a peaceful environment. Since then nonstop efforts has been made to bring the first master plan viable and feasible and now the dream has become a reality with world best, new innovative creation model. In short, it creates a whole new level of environment with world class facilities, sufficient jobs and other infinite opportunities where there is also peace, brotherhood and sensitivity while living in Delhi-NCR.

The Project of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" has been created to fulfil an overwhelming demand of a 'specific necessity' which was designed based on one-option-foundation of the present and future of the people of North East; not merely promoted real estate project, therefore it's rated with zero risk ratio and became 100% self-success modality.

Barachiel Golden City is becoming all time wining platform for the people of North Eastern states. A mega, planed smart city in National Capital Region of Delhi; a first time created, a separate "National Capital City of North East People" – ' A DREAMLAND FOR NORTH EAST ORIGINS ' - created with sufficient jobs for the entire city population and provided world class facilities to fulfil the mission of 'BORN AGAIN".


The mega smart city of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY", is being jointly established by 'Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited' (BGCPL) and 'HEYEE GROUP' participated by its world's largest corporate teams under joint venture project model. The City is estimated to accommodate about one million population including commercial entities. However, people from any other state(s) except North eastern region are strictly prohibited to buy any residential property or live within the City as it's entirely a separate city exclusively established for North east people. Commercial activities in the City including other services without residential entitles are of different categories.


  • Toll Free Number

  • 1800 3000 2939

  • Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited

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