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People from North East who has migrated or temporarily residing in various Metro Cities of India, especially in Delhi NCR have been facing repeated harsh instances of discrimination and unfair treatment because of cultural differences.

On this context, many years ago, the Founder and supreme promoter of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" has begun to think about the necessity of having a separate, independent City to be established only for North Eastern people within Delhi NCR in order to protect them and provide the best living quality with sufficient jobs and other facilities while restoring a peaceful environment. Since then nonstop efforts has been made to bring the first master plan viable and feasible and now the dream has become a reality with world best, new innovative model. In short, it creates a whole new level of environment with world class facilities, sufficient jobs and other infinite opportunities where there is also peace, brotherhood and sensitivity while living in Delhi-NCR.

The Project of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" has been created to fulfil an overwhelming demand of a 'specific necessity' which was designed based on one-option-foundation of the present and future of the people of North East; not merely promoted real estate project, therefore it's rated with zero risk ratio and became 100% self-success modality.

The 'Barachiel Golden City' has more than 60 projects to be established and developed inside the City where some bigger projects like; World Tallest Triplet Towers - International Finance & Trade Centre, Global Commercial Hub, Mega shopping Malls, 7 star Hotels, World Class multi-speciality Hospital and luxurious monorail services with 20 monorail station inside the City shall push beyond the boundaries of Global popularity and recognition which will also ensure to take major roles in Global platforms. We expect that by maintaining the level of quality and standard we are going to establish in Barachiel Golden City, people from all over India and other Countries will come to us for better Education, better and affordable treatment and for the better opportunities of business and promotion globally. This is the promoted stage where people of North East will be enjoying after long time of sufferings in metro cities. And shaping towards such destiny of standards has already begun in full swing.

The Mega City is being jointly established by 'Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited' (BGCPL) and 'HEEYEE GROUP' participated by world's largest corporate teams under joint venture project model. The City is estimated to accommodate about one million population including commercial entities. However, people from any other state(s) except North eastern region are strictly prohibited to buy any residential property or live within the City as it's entirely a separate city only for North east people. Commercial activities in the City including other services without residential entitles are of different categories.

The centre of resonance will be the temple, church, monastery and mosque, which will resound across the premises allowing peaceful sensitive coexistence of brotherhood of all the religions. World class higher education system, fully equipped smart schools will be accommodated for the future shining little stars, concern and necessary care in the old age home, world class hospitals, market places, sports complex, child care centres, multiplexes, entertainment centres and a fully safe and efficient transportation of monorail and buses with 20 monorail stations within the City and separate express road to connect between Delhi and Barachiel Golden City with 10 to 15 minutes of drives including Hightech, most advanced security system is assured by the wondrous city. The International trade centre and world tallest triplet towers itself shall make global popularity in near future.

To endure the same "whole new level of environment" in the Delhi NCR, Barachiel Golden City brings to you the essence of and for the North East. A home away from home. A golden dream for having a luxurious stay within the budget, an atmosphere of league where there is no being biased on gender, social status, racism. Barachiel Golden City lays out complete luxury, safety, opportunity and quality.

Barachiel Golden City here comes to put an end to all the struggles and sacrifices and provides you with all the comfort and luxurious lifestyle and effective facilities with sufficient jobs and business opportunities.

The "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" is an astonishing city that has been designed with much of caress and intensive of your socio-economic and aspirational emotions. The major project units inside the Mega City are highlighted below:

The location of Barachiel Golden City is in the NCR region, adjacent to South Delhi at a driving distance of 5-10 minutes which is considered more preferred place than other parts of Delhi. Direct connectivity through road and rail is ensured since the Barachiel expressway that connects with Delhi by road and Monorail service is at a driving distance of 5-10 minutes. BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY GATE is highly secured with CCTV cameras and large numbers of security personnel. The premises is monitored round the clock to insure best safety and protection.

1. A CITY WELCOME CENTRE: where people can have a pause to relax, think where to go, what to see in the city or first meeting point of someone.

2. SHOPPING MALLS AND COMMERCIAL HUB: A place of world class shopping experience and various other commercial activities, a Global business hub to organise, promote all trade of business enterprises.

3. TRIPLET TOWER -WORLD TRADE CENTRE: A place as World Business Hub and tourist centre is one of the tallest tower of the World where Global representatives gather for promotion of business globally.

4. WORLD PREMIUM HOTEL: Seven star luxury Hotel is just at the heart of the Global gathering zone.

5. CINEMA & THEATRE: A place where cinema and the performing arts can come to life to create an unforgettable entertainment experience for you.

6. PREMIUM HOSPITAL: A multi-specialty, 7 star Hospital with advance technology is in the heart of the city to provide complete health care. The Hospital also has a helipad for emergency Air Ambulances and other chopper services.

7. FIRE CONTROL HOUSE: An independent fire control unit is provided with best life-saving equipment and highly skilled rescue team.

8. BARACHIEL CITY SPORTS CLUB: Barachiel Golden City Sports Club is the premium Club for sports lovers. Best facilities are provided to smoothly enable promoting our players for various international Games. As North East people are more gifted with multiple games and sports, top priorities is to be given insuring every players get the opportunities to explore their capabilities worldwide.

9. BARACHIEL CITY STADIUM: Barachiel City Stadium is a colossal stadium in which the infrastructure to play multiple games and organise high scale events is installed.

10. BARACHIEL UNIVERSITY : The educational zone is established with a view to promote Hightech, premium education and BARACHIEL UNIVERSITY has pushed the boundaries in order to offer every necessary discipline, keeping the benchmark on par with Global standard of education system. And international students are also welcome in the Campus.

11. BARACHIEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: The facilities and pedagogy of 'Barachiel International School' is designed in order to create responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow.

12. KINDERGARTEN: The Kindergarten in the city is also equipped with world's most advanced technology. The potential of the children in the city is mould into a shape of great future leaders.

13. RELIGIOUS ZONE: The religious zone in the city has a church, a monastery, a temple and a mosque which shows the unity in diversity for people residing here from the North-eastern states. Each religious house is equipped with an ambience suited for having a prayerful and calm mind. Large parks and lawns are also available for each compound for various cultural gatherings and to fulfil contemporary needs in the future.

14. HIGH-RISE PREMIUM RESIDENTIAL ZONES: Separate and independent premium residential zones are reserved for each states of North east region with a scenery of beautiful lake-view in front and Golf course at the back side. Each state residential zone has a high class, superior living qualities along with Independent parks and gardens.

There are thirteen residential zones where nine are reserved for each state communities, those are:
i. Manipur Residential zone
ii. Nagaland Residential Zone
iii. Assam Residential Zone
iv. Meghalaya Residential Zone
v. Arunachal Residential Zone
vi. Mizoram Residential Zone
vii. Tripura Residential Zone
viii. Sikkim Residential zone
ix. Buddhism Residential Zone in high class superior living quality is reserved for Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan only for those people who has become a citizen of India by naturalisation or of such category. It has beautiful views of lake in front and golf course at the backside. Independent park and garden are available in the compound.

15. VILLAS RESIDENCY ZONE: There is a Zone of 'Villas-Residency' which has two type of housing as:

Luxury Villas with independent parks and gardens.
Top premium Villas which has independent parks and gardens.

16. VIP BUNGALOWS ZONE: The city also has a lake side 'VIP zone' which consists of super premium bungalows with wonderful views of the lakeside at the front and the golf course at the rear.

17. INTERNATIONAL TOURIST RESORT: The city opens its arms to tourists and provides hospitality at the tourist resort with a lakeside view. This will surely attract and serve international business representatives and other tourists as well.

18. CITY HELIPAD / AIRFIELD: Barachiel Golden City has a helipad to provide Chopper / Helicopter services as well as to be a common port in the City

19. CITY CIRCLE: The city circle is the centre of all corridors which connect various parts of the city.

20. CITY CENTRAL PARK: The central park of the city is the common park for everyone who has access in the city.

21. BARACHIEL CITY SCIENCE-PARK: Science Park of the Barachiel Golden City is an educative and entertaining initiative which conveys the scientific history in an intriguing fashion.

22. CHILDREN BLESSING PARK: Children blessing park in the City is a safe and fun environment for children to be outdoors and spend quality time with their peers which is essential for their development into men and women with respectable attitudes and kind natures.

23. BARACHIEL CENTRAL CLUB: Central Club of the City is the common gathering area for all sub-communities where people can interact with one another and bask in the beauty of the city together while enjoying the facilities provided.

24. CITY CULTURAL CENTRE Barachiel City boasts of its cultural centre which has facilities and equipment for conducting various indoor and outdoor exhibitions at a large open ground which is also fenced with strong walls for safety.

25. LUXURIOUS MONORAIL: The luxurious monorail service is a timely, dependable and convenient mode of transport to and within the city. Twenty Monorail stations are provided for easier access from every angle of the city.

26. BARACHIEL–DELHI-BARACHIEL EXPRESSWAY: The Barachiel–Delhi-Barachiel Expressway is a quick and easy solution to resolve connectivity issues.

27. DELHI-BARACHIEL MONORAIL STATION: Delhi-Barachiel Monorail Station is the connecting station to Delhi Metro.

28. BARACHIEL–DELHI-BARACHIEL (BDB): BDB expressway has a toll booth near the City gate.

29. BDB expressway road: Expressway of BDB road is the road directly connects from Barachiel city to Delhi within 5-10 minutes of drive.

30. BARACHIEL CITY BUS: City bus is also provided to improve connectivity and ease of commute as additional commuting facility which plies on all city corridors.

31. CITY SECURITY SYSTEM: Security systems in the City is fully covered by an advance ICT system where CCTV cameras are constantly monitoring the premises. This is the primary security measure based on the real time control management.

32. OLD AGE HOME: The Barachiel Golden city has a warm and extremely comforting old age care centre for both Women and Men. The Old ages Home also has dedicated park, only for old aged people and Club for their gathering and enjoyment as well as to meet other necessities.

33. BLUE MAGIC LAKE: The soul and centre of attraction of the city is the beautiful, calming and elegantly star-shaped 'Blue Magic Lake'. Blue Magic Lake has a central square surrounded by beautiful four corner bridges and water spring. Four raw of Water parks inside the lake is the symbol of shining-stars in the City.

34. MOTOR BOATS: Motor boats are in the lake for side seeing and also for tourist attraction.

35. INDUSTRIAL ZONE: The Industrial zone of the Barachiel City will have numbers of production units for international markets and will generate maximum employment opportunities in the city

36. POWER PRODUCTION ZONE: Power Production zone of the city has self-sufficient power generation plan and it can operate throughout the year. Clean and green renewable resources such as wind mills and solar power technology support the necessary consumption required while other forms are for standby options.

37. CITY WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN: Water management plan of the City is also a major project that the city has for providing both clean drinking water and also sufficient water for other usages.

The time is not far for every community of the north east states, to express the joy and happiness as their long time awaited dreams, to have a safe and secure living environment in the city has been fulfilled.

We pray that people of North east be remain blessed while living in their own New Capital City within Delhi NCR.

We cordially invite you to join and welcome you to the dreamland of prosperity and peace of celebration of joy and vast scope of opportunities. We also hope to continue to raise our country's name and make our country proud by contributing towards achieving and achievements.

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